Sushi Well

Sushi Well was able to keep online sales rolling in even during difficult times, resulting in +268% increase in online sales for Sushi Well in 2020

Sushi Well: +268% Increase in Online Sales for Sushi Well in 2020.

Since they opened their first sushi-bar restaurant in 2006, Sushi Well continuously grew and expanded to new markets and locations. With its unique patented pink rice, Sushi Well's reputation is firmly established and recognized among the locals. To get a taste of Sushi Well, customers can go to one of their locations, order directly from their website or use popular delivery apps such as Uber Eats, Doordash, and Skip The Dishes


There's no doubt that the restaurant industry is incredibly competitive. Consumers are bombarded with options and brands need to grow brand awareness and generate interest to stay top of mind. 

Also because of COVID-19 pandemic, the last few months have been extremely challenging for restaurants. They had to deal with temporary closure and rely almost exclusively on deliveries to stay afloat.


Despite COVID-19 and the uncertainty created by it, the Sushi Well team kept pushing forward. They pursued their influencer marketing and advertising strategy in paid search and paid social to reach new users and past customers.

In the last year, consumer behavior drastically changed. In-person dining wasn't an option for most people, but they were still looking for ways to treat themselves during tough times. By investing in digital marketing, Sushi Well was able to stay top of mind and create a strong relationship with their customer base by adapting their messaging and overall strategy.

What we did:

🔅 Drive conversions by driving traffic directly to delivery apps such as Uber Eats, Skip, and Doordash
🔅 Build brand awareness and stay top of mind with broad, interest-based, competitors and lookalike audiences on social media
🔅 Adapt our campaigns and messaging to fit new consumer behaviors brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic
🔅 Test various creatives such as carousel, story, and video on social and focus our budget on top-performing creatives and audiences
🔅 Engage influencers on Instagram and TikTok to promote brand awareness and local foot traffic

This drove retargeting sequences to prospects who’d had a single touchpoint with the brand, allowing us to tailor our message and educate the users before monetizing their engagement.

And then, over the top of all of these ads, we run:

1) Strong CTA straight to the sales page: “come back and buy / forgot something? Ad”
2) Dynamic Product Ads – showing the products based on the prospects on-site behavior

The benefit of having a retargeting sequence like this is you can increase your ROI by reaching prospects with different types of ads, that appeal to different people.

🔓The Results: Sushi Well was able to keep online sales rolling in, even during difficult times.

🔅 In 2020, Sushi Well saw a 131% increase in new users YoY
🔅 They also got a 268% increase in online revenues YoY

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