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“Sequential Retargeting”: The Secret System Swipe Right Used to Scale a Bike Parts Company to $120,000 in Monthly Recurring Revenue From $42,833.24 Ad Spend

absoluteBLACK is an innovative bike parts manufacturer. Their leading-edge chainrings are top-quality, limited edition, and the ultimate performance enhancers to offroad cyclists and recreational riders. Ovalized chainrings have been around for a long time, but Absolute Black takes it to another level by providing a smoother pedalling action, enhanced climbing ability with less effort, and an overall increase in the enjoyment of the ride as a whole.

They also believe that their oval chainrings will help “reduce or remove knee pain often experienced when riding on the road with round chainrings.”


They hadn’t run any Facebook traffic when we started working together, as they had purely focused on monetising their organic audience.

This is when they reached out to Swipe Right to start generating sales using paid advertising.

We were able to scale them to $120k / month recurring in just 6 months, spending just $42,833.24.

Here’s how we did it:

How We Structured Our Campaign For Scale

⚙️Top of Funnel

The client was selling bike parts that delivers more power output and therefore enhances climbing ability with a smoother, more enjoyable pedalling action.

To position the product as the solution to their problem, we had the client create a top of funnel value video revealing the 10 top innovations pushing human performance to the limit.

At the end of this video, the product was offered for sale below the video – on the same page.

Now – the best part about this was the video offered so much value, that we were able to generate a 2.5x ROAS from cold traffic and liquidate our ad costs.

We created lookalike audiences based on the prospects with bike-related interests that watched 75% of this video, so we could feed the top of funnel with relevant audiences – which I’ll get to in a moment.

Given the high value delivered in the video & using our 10X Ecommerce Formula™ strategy, we were able to get massive engagement and shares on the ad & video, further driving traffic to the funnel for minimal spend.

⚙️Middle of Funnel:

Product Ads were launched and targeted those people that:

🔅 Watched 75% of the video
🔅 Engaged with the ad
🔅 Landed on the landing page

This drove retargeting sequences to prospects who’d had a single touchpoint with the brand, allowing us to tailor our message and educate the users before monetizing their engagement.

⚙️Bottom of Funnel:

Now – here’s where things really got interesting.

This is where we implemented our Sequential Retargeting to provide a seamless brand experience for effectively moving users throughout the funnel that resulted in $120,000 in MRR.

Most rookie marketers make the mistake of retargeting ONLY a percentage of a video watched… rather than using the full range of sequential retargeting options.

Because here’s the thing:

Every customer doesn’t buy for the same reason. Some will react best to testimonials, some will prefer influencer reviews, others will buy based on an authority article.

So we spaced all of these out over TIME to lay the foundation for credibility and trust to secure the most sales for the client.

Here’s what the retargeting audience saw on each day:

Day 1 – 3: Testimonial Ads
Day 4 – 5: Authority Article for Social Proof (this is grossly underrated as it builds tons of rapport. The goal is not to drive sales, but we push people to a 3rd party PR article to enhance the client’s reputation)
Day 6 – 8: Influencer Reviews
Day 9 – 10: Click to Messenger Ads

And then, over the top of all of these ads, we run:

1) Strong CTA straight to the sales page: “come back and buy / forgot something? Ad”
2) Dynamic Product Ads – showing the products based on the prospects on-site behavior

The benefit of having a retargeting sequence like this is you can increase your ROI by reaching prospects with different types of ads, that appeal to different people.

In a 30 day window, this company was able to scale their revenue to $120,000 in sales.

Oh and just for the record – the ad spend for this 30 day period was $42,833.24 – giving a ROAS of just under 3x.

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