Drive future growth and solve complex business challenges using proven data analytics methods and digital analytics best practices.

Our digital analytics consulting and reporting service will track and quantify your marketing efforts to help you understand what works and what areas need improvement. Data-driven campaigns will provide a more strategic approach and higher performance.

Data Collection

We use a variety of tools and platforms to collect, standardize and enrich digital data analysis to drive better strategies and optimization.

  • Premium Analytics Platforms: From Google Analytics, Data Studio and Google Tag Manager to Adobe and Tealium, we use several data collection platforms to obtain both client-side and server-side data from different firms of all types.
  • Comprehensive Data Collection: Our encompassing approach to analytics will ensure comprehensive data collection across all customer touch points, regardless of technology.
  • Implementation: A seamless implementation after a full data analytics consultation and reporting tools with your website and different channels is crucial to capturing data that can be integrated successfully.

Interpretation & Reporting

Collecting data is not enough. The ability to analyze, measure and optimize is what helps create a complete picture of your marketing efforts.

  • Continuous Monitoring: We process data from every source and keep constant track of your analytics in order to generate insightful reports.
  • Customized Analysis: We don’t just show you numbers, we carefully analyze and interpret data in a way that makes sense for your business.
  • Easy Reporting: Benefit from personalized Google Data Studio dashboards and custom-crafted reports that are easy to process and integrate with different other analytics.

Strategy & Data Analytic Consulting

Data-driven strategies lead to the best action plans for performance improvement and business growth.

  • Insightful Recommendations: Based on the data collected and analyzed, we’ll provide suggestions and recommendations to move your business forward.
  • Strategy Building: Our team is also able to build powerful strategies around the data and analytics reported whether you’re in Los Angeles or remote worldwide.
  • Business Consultation: Use the insight to align with your business objectives and increase ROI. Whether you’re on simple WordPress, or advanced Sitefinity or e-commerce like Shopify.