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Vimi Laser & Skincare Clinic

Vimi Laser and Skincare Clinic is a health spa in Ontario that offers a full range of spa treatments. These range from laser hair removal and skin care to their HydraFacial skin resurfacing treatment and trademarked CoolSculpting® treatment for non-surgically slimming down unwanted fat.


  1. Increase brand awareness and amplify word-of-mouth of their services in their local region
  2. Increase engagement on social media and improve customer onboarding process to drive walk-ins to their clinic
  3. Drive in-person skin consultations

Prior to engagement, Vimi initially had no sustainable customer acquisition strategy in place. They had minimal social media presence besides their website and they were looking to bringing on an outsourced marketing team to build a marketing strategy from scratch.


With the guidance of our marketing expertise, Vimi acquired 80 new leads after 5 months of service—that’s one every other day including weekends. With a starting service value of $800, this gave Vimi a minimum of $64,000 in new revenue. The total reach was 38,760 users.

As an additional service to Vimi, creative production and strategy leveraging influencers were deployed with their digital advertising. Using influencers as the voice of customers, we have leveraged 8 different types of ad types, including video, GIFs, static images, and carousels to maximize our reach for all device types.

By measuring the conversion rate of each, Vimi was able to optimize customer growth strategy, improved user experience, and secure a steady stream of qualified new leads.


An online presence is a tablestake in today's world, and one of your most important marketing assets is – your medispa's website and social presence. Nowadays, when people think of getting a healthcare service or hear about a new practitioner, the first thing they want to do is google them for reviews and take a look at the website.

Facebook ads for medical practices can be an amazing way to reach targeted local patients for medical and dental practices. Leverage your practice’s Facebook presence by utilizing these tips below to bring new patients to your doors.

1. Promote High Volume Content

What I’ve seen work and what I often encourage other medical practices to do is to promote high volume content from their site. This usually includes FAQ on common injuries. For example, at the beginning of the summer months, we share posts on running outdoors, wearing flip flops, and proper stretching before working out. We boost the post and run ads around this content to reach the active group of people in the area. Physicians are affiliated with these articles and in a way, get an immediate referral when someone comes across the article.

2. Utilize Facebook Lead & Video Ads

One of the most under-utilized formats for advertising within the healthcare industry is Facebook Lead Ads. FLA makes the lead generation process easy and drives qualified high-intent leads for medical or dental clinics. When prospects see the ad, they tap, and a form pops up – already populated with their Facebook contact information. You can then redirect the prospect to a specific landing page or offer page. And to boost your lead ads, a tool like CallPage can drive even higher conversion. As soon as your prospect fills out the form, CallPage puts the lead and you on the phone in less than 28 seconds. So you can talk to your customers and close more deals. Facebook lead ads run both on Facebook and Instagram.

Another strategy is to use video ads – testimonials from your clients or references. They don’t have to highly produced – even basic content showing the social proof and trustworthiness of your establishment can boost conversions. Video Ads offer one of the cheapest CPCs and is an excellent source to reach newer patients.

Medical or dental organizations are all about providing value; either in their service, facilities or price, and these should reflect within their ads, also reaching out to prospective patients quicker than your competitor significantly lowers your lead response time and helps close deals faster.

3. Don't Forget to Segment

Generalization is often the enemy of a good ad strategy. We use Facebook for retargeting website visitors but instead of showing the same ad to every user – we segment based on the user behavior. If your customer was looking at teeth whitening content, you’re more likely to get them back with an offer specifically for teeth whitening. It’s not rocket science, just a little extra effort. That work pays off though especially when your competitors aren’t willing to do the same.

Segmenting can be tedious, especially when first starting a Facebook ad campaign. There are many various combinations of segmentation that can take a while to determine. Segmenting by user types, locations, age groups, mobile devices, etc. will allow marketers a lot more control in how your budget is spent. Knowing what segments are costly allows you to take that budget a re-allocate it to more profitable segments that have a positive return on ad spend (ROAS).

Segmenting is a cost-effective and smart tactic to help focus on what areas of your ads are worth pursuing.

4. Maximize Engagement with a Strong Entry Offer

Get a Free consultation offera as a Facebook ad not only gets you an email and phone number lead, which you can add to your email list, but it helps determine a client’s interest from which you can further evaluate a need for services. Free webinars and eBooks don’t work for us for the most part. They end up in spam or social in their inbox and are never given further thought.

5. Offer Practical Advice

One way to leverage Facebook ads is to use the ads to link to your best blog posts. Rather than linking to a general webpage, or even an email opt-in, you can use that opportunity to connect with your potential audience and offer some practical advice they can implement easily that day. This starts the beginning of a relationship with you and builds trust, which many people need before scheduling with a healthcare provider. And when you provide a tip they can easily implement, they are more likely to tell their friends about it and share your article online, therefore leveraging your ad further.

6. Add Leads to Email Automation Seqeunce

Last but not least I couldn’t have you read an article without giving my our insights on the topic at hand! One of the biggest things I see practices miss the mark on is not putting leads into an email automation sequence after you have gotten their email information. A quote I tell my clients is “You paid for them, nurture them!”

Even in a perfect world say you bring in 100 leads from a Facebook ad campaign. You might only have 20-30 actually set an appointment. That still leaves 70-80 of those leads that were not ready to make a purchase decision; however, that does not mean they won’t ultimately come through the door!

They just may need to get to know you better, learn more about the practice, etc. Do not leave those leads hanging. Get them into a 5-7 touchpoint automation sequence via email.

The biggest thing to note with these sequences is try and provide the MOST VALUE POSSIBLE at every touchpoint. It will help establish a know, like, trust relationship and ultimately get them to walk through your doors.

Wrapping Up: Digital Advertising Tips for Medical Practices

Facebook Ads are something every medical practice should look at as a great way to convert and drive new patients to the practice.

Keep in mind the tips above and we oftentimes recommend outsourcing to an agency that specializes in Facebook Ads so you do not waste your hard earned marketing dollars on ineffective ads.

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