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DÔEN: Making Motherhood Aspirational And Creating A Cult Following

DÔEN is a collective of creative Los Angeles-based women that make elevated, yet wearable, clothing pieces for the everyday. Inspired by vintage icons and tailored for the modern woman, they fit a niche in the market that is not easy to reach. DÔEN came to us with a deep social media following but having done zero online advertising. We were tasked with building their Facebook / Instagram channel, and to push immediate growth in the business.


We were tasked with establishing a clean website base for advertising and establishing their online paid advertising efforts.

🗝The Solution

We deployed a strategy that involved an initial SEO and Conversion Optimization analysis and implementation followed by Facebook and AdWords advertising.

The focus of our efforts was on bringing the look and feel of the brand to the masses by enhancing the brands overall reach. We were focused on both evergreen campaigns as well as product-specific pushes on a monthly basis.

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We ran multiple campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram — 1 targeted at customers who purchased products, 1 who added to cart but didn’t purchase, 1 targeted at users who were logged into website but never added to cart, and 1 to people who visited the site but never added to cart.

We also had a broader ad strategy around targeting people who engaged with content in the last 90 days to drive conversions at the top level.  

A few of profitable lookalike audiences were created off of:

🔅 Those who messaged the pages of Facebook & Instagram accounts
🔅 Mommy bloggers, influencers, TV shows
🔅 Prospects who have landed on ATC x2

This drove retargeting sequences to prospects who’d had a single touchpoint with the brand, allowing us to tailor our message and educate the users before monetizing their engagement.

And then, over the top of all of these ads, we run:

1) Strong CTA straight to the sales page: “come back and buy / forgot something? Ad”
2) Dynamic Product Ads – showing the products based on the prospects on-site behavior.

🔓The Results

DÔEN saw immediate results from the launch of their advertising. We ran a campaign that was focused on maintaining high-level ROI but also managing their brand feel. We were able to double the business in the scope of the first 3 months, at a 22X ROAS.

Please Note: The results on this case study were produced in partnership with Slicedbread Agency based in California.

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